Happy New Year Elverta Families ! I trust you had a restful holiday break. The staff had a great professional development day on Tuesday and all of us are excited to see our students today and get 2023 started. There are two items I’d like to make you aware of as we start this year. One is procedures for loss of power or flooding. Two is daily student attendance at school. Power loss or Flooding: In the next several days, and possible months ahead, there will be a chance that power outages and flooding may occur. If either were to happen, we would need to cancel school that day and any proceeding days until it is determined that staff and students can arrive safely and that power is on. Additionally, if events happen during the school day, school will need to close within an hour of the power outage. Daily Student Attendance: Chronic Absenteeism is defined by a student being absent 10% of the school year. Unfortunately, several of our students have fell into this category. Many school districts across the State are working to overcome this trend, and this includes our school district. Each day a student is absent from school they miss significant amounts of educational opportunities. Not only academically, but social and emotional growth and support that so many of our students need. Additionally, school funding is impacted. Each absence represents a significant decrease in funding per day. This funding is essential to supporting all our students' academic supplies, meals, facility maintenance, staffing, and other fixed costs that run a school district budget. To emphasize the importance of daily student attendance, we are establishing a fun contest for each classroom. For the classes with the Highest Daily Attendance Percentage bi-weekly, we will celebrate that class's achievements. The students are excited and we look forward to seeing which classes can have the highest attendance rates over the remainder of the school year. Thank you for your support. The students at Elverta Elementary School are good people who work hard at learning, both academically and socially. Your continued guidance and support is appreciated. Sincerely, Mr. Wells ************************************************************************ ¡Feliz año nuevo familias Elverta! Confío en que haya tenido unas vacaciones tranquilas. El personal tuvo un gran día de desarrollo profesional el martes y todos estamos emocionados de ver a nuestros estudiantes hoy y comenzar el 2023. Hay dos elementos de los que me gustaría informarles a medida que comenzamos este año. Uno son los procedimientos por pérdida de energía o inundación. Dos es la asistencia diaria de los estudiantes a la escuela. Pérdida de energía o inundaciones: en los próximos días, y posiblemente en los próximos meses, habrá una posibilidad de que ocurran cortes de energía e inundaciones. Si sucediera cualquiera de los dos, tendríamos que cancelar la escuela ese día y los días siguientes hasta que se determine que el personal y los estudiantes pueden llegar de manera segura y que la electricidad está encendida. Además, si ocurren eventos durante el día escolar, la escuela deberá cerrar dentro de una hora del corte de energía. Asistencia diaria del estudiante: El ausentismo crónico se define cuando un estudiante se ausenta el 10% del año escolar. Desafortunadamente, varios de nuestros estudiantes han caído en esta categoría. Muchos distritos escolares de todo el estado están trabajando para superar esta tendencia, y esto incluye a nuestro distrito escolar. Cada día que un estudiante se ausenta de la escuela, pierde cantidades significativas de oportunidades educativas. No solo académicamente, sino también el crecimiento social y emocional y el apoyo que tantos de nuestros estudiantes necesitan. Además, la financiación de la escuela se ve afectada. Cada ausencia representa una disminución significativa en la financiación por día. Estos fondos son esenciales para apoyar los suministros académicos, las comidas, el mantenimiento de las instalaciones, el personal y otros costos fijos de todos nuestros estudiantes que se ejecutan en el presupuesto del distrito escolar. Para enfatizar la importancia de la asistencia diaria de los estudiantes, estamos estableciendo un concurso divertido para cada salón de clases. Para las clases con el porcentaje de asistencia diaria más alto cada dos semanas, celebraremos los logros de esa clase. Los estudiantes están entusiasmados y esperamos ver qué clases pueden tener las tasas de asistencia más altas durante el resto del año escolar. Gracias por tu apoyo. Los estudiantes de la Escuela Primaria Elverta son buenas personas que trabajan arduamente para aprender, tanto académica como socialmente. Se agradece su orientación y apoyo continuos. Atentamente, señor pozos
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Elverta Elementary Student Council is seeking Donations: During the weeks of November 28 through December 8, the Elverta Elementary Study Council is holding a food drive on behalf of the nearby Rio Linda Elverta Food Closet. We are hoping to collect canned foods and dry goods. All donations collected during the food drive will be given back to kids and families in our community. Please send your items to school with your student. Suggested items are listed below: • Peanut Butter • Jelly • Soup • Canned Meat • Canned Fruit • Canned Beans • Canned Vegetables • Spaghetti Noodles • Spaghetti Sauce • Dry rice • Dry beans • Dry Mac & Cheese Important Note: Please be sure to double check all “Best If Used by Dates” to be sure the item is not past the recommended use date. This will ensure that your generous donation is able to be forwarded to a family in need. Thank you for your support, The Elverta Elementary Student Council
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Hello Elverta Families-- On Monday, October 31st, students will be allowed to wear costumes to school with certain guidelines and parameters. Please follow the following expectations: Students must have their faces recognizable and not covered with any form of masking. The normal face masks that many students wear will continue to be acceptable. Accessories such as swords, light sabers, or other items that may be deemed extraordinary will not be allowed on campus. Candy will not be allowed on campus. Please keep all high sugar items at home. Students' costumes shall be modest and not offensive or gruesome. The school staff will make the final decisions on the appropriateness of costumes if necessary. All students' must respect the rights of other students whether they wear a costume or not. Some students may choose not to wear a costume, which is perfectly acceptable. Thank you for your understanding and support. Mr. Wells
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Elverta Families- Student Portraits have gone home. Make up PICTURE DAY is Tuesday OCTOBER 18. If you are new to the district, want to retake your photo, or student missed PICTURE DAY mark Tuesday OCTOBER 18 on your calendar.
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Elverta Families, Look for the permission slips in the red folders this week. Your student has the opportunity to be in our School Play - Alice in Wonderland!! directed by Ms burguess and Ms Her . It will be a Spring 2023 performance. Practice is afterschool Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday each week 3-3:50pm. The 1st meeting is Sept. 27th, Room 9. Currently the play is open to grades 3-8. Keep an eye out for future castings in 2023 for grades K-2. Return the participation slip and come to our first meeting!
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Alice in Wonderland play practice begins
ELVERTA FAMILIES: Come join us for our K-8 Back To School Night! Thursday, September 1ST from 5:30-6:35pm The Event will go as follows: 5:30-5:40pm Meet and Greet in the CAFETERIA 5:40-5:55pm Mike Wells, Superintendent 6:00 - 6:20pm First Classroom 6:22 – 6:35pm Second Classroom
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August 25, 2022 Dear Elverta K-6 grade families: It has been a great start to the school year. The teachers have been excited to work with their new classes and the students have been eager to learn. As we prepare to support students and their learning needs, we are offering an Academic Acceleration and Support Program that will allow students to get extra academic support as needed throughout the school year. The initial phase of the program is to establish academic support starting Monday, August 29, 2022. This early start will begin at 6:50 in the morning and offer students up to 1 hour of guidance for homework support and independent reading. As our Academic Acceleration and Support Program develops, we will also be offering an after school K-6 Students Academic Support and Enrichment Program, starting Monday, September 5, 2022. This program will be offered 1 hour after school until 3:50 PM. Students must be picked up promptly at 3:50 to continue participating in this program. Attached is a survey that will help us prepare for the support that is needed for Reading, English Language, and Math skills. Please complete and return the survey for both the before school and after school programs. Thank you, Mr. Wells SURVEY------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have the opportunity to provide academic support to our K-6 students. As we design our programs to support Reading, English Language, and Math, we would like your feedback to the following questions: Student Name Will your child be attending the before school academic support program starting August 29, 2022 at 6:50am? Please circle one: Yes No What grade will your student be in for the 2022- 2023 school year? In what subject does your student need the most support? Will your student be interested in attending after school support and enrichment? Will you commit to picking up your student on time? What type of enrichment activities would your student like to participate in? We will have additional information in the weeks ahead. We are looking forward to your response. Thank you, Mr. Wells _______________________________________________________________________________ 24 de agosto de 2022 Estimadas familias de los grados K-6 de Elverta: Ha sido un gran comienzo del año escolar. Los maestros han estado emocionados de trabajar con sus nuevas clases y los estudiantes han estado ansiosos por aprender. Mientras nos preparamos para apoyar a los estudiantes y sus necesidades de aprendizaje, estamos ofreciendo un Programa de Apoyo y Aceleración Académica que permitirá a los estudiantes obtener apoyo académico adicional según sea necesario durante el año escolar. La fase inicial del programa es establecer apoyo académico a partir del lunes 29 de agosto de 2022. Este inicio temprano comenzará a las 6:50 de la mañana y ofrecerá a los estudiantes hasta 1 hora de orientación para apoyo con tareas y lectura independiente. A medida que se desarrolla nuestro Programa de Aceleración y Apoyo Académico, también ofreceremos un Programa de Enriquecimiento y Apoyo Académico para Estudiantes de K-6 después de la escuela, a partir del lunes 5 de septiembre de 2022. Este programa se ofrecerá 1 hora después de la escuela hasta las 3:50 p.m. Los estudiantes deben ser recogidos puntualmente a las 3:50 para continuar participando en este programa. Se adjunta una encuesta que nos ayudará a prepararnos para el apoyo que se necesita para las habilidades de lectura, inglés y matemáticas. Complete y devuelva la encuesta para los programas antes y después de la escuela. Gracias, Señor Wells Tenemos la oportunidad de brindar apoyo académico a nuestros estudiantes de K-6. A medida que diseñamos nuestros programas para apoyar la lectura, el idioma inglés y las matemáticas, nos gustaría recibir sus comentarios sobre las siguientes preguntas: Nombre del estudiante ¿Asistirá su hijo al programa de apoyo académico antes de la escuela a partir del 2 de mayo de 2022 a las 6:50 a. m.? Por favor circule uno: Sí No ¿En qué grado estará su estudiante para el año escolar 2022-2023? ¿En qué materia su estudiante necesita más apoyo? ¿Su estudiante podrá asistir de 8:30 a 11:00 del 13 de junio al 1 de julio? ¿Se dejará y recogerá a su estudiante a tiempo? ¿Le interesaría tener un programa similar que comience una semana antes del primer día de clases en agosto? Tendremos información adicional en las próximas semanas. Esperamos su respuesta. Gracias, Sr. Wells
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Dear Elverta Families– August 9, 2022 Tomorrow is the first day of school for 2022-23 !! We are excited to see the students back with their teachers and friends. As you know, safety is our number one priority. To this end, we will keep the gate closed on the Rio Linda Blvd. side of campus. This will keep students safe as they enter and exit vehicles before and after school. Also, we are routing traffic for drop off and pick up using Delano up to Elverta Road. This one-way flow of traffic will enable us to supervise students and traffic flow in a common and similar fashion. We will have drop-off and pick-up in the gravel parking lot. For vehicles that need to park for immediate needs, parking will be along the short fence inside the gravel parking lot. We will not have parking or pick-up along Eloise Ave. Please don’t park along the Oleander bushes on the opposite side of the street opposite the school. Students will not be allowed to cross the crosswalk to get into vehicles. Thank you in advance for working with us. We look forward to providing a more effective approach to drop-off and pick-up in mornings and afternoons. Please remember, it is a busy time and it only takes a few minutes to get the routine down. Plan your time accordingly and drive safely. Thank you! Elverta Staff
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Dear Elverta Families,............. What a fun filled year it has been. It was so good to come to school full time and get back to normal with fieldtrips and performances again. As many of you know two teachers retired from our school district, Mrs Bachmann 6th after 24 years and Mr McBryde 8th. after 21 years. We also said goodbye to Mrs Fayter 3rd grade and Ms Roome 7th who got new jobs in their own neighborhoods. It is so exciting because with these changes comes new opportunities. We have hired three amazing teachers who bring with them a love of teaching, a love of students and a desire to make a difference in your childs’ life. Let me introduce to you Ms Astrid Burgess 3rd, Mrs Gladys Donovan 1st, and Ms Catlynn Zaros 7th/8th. (See their Bios below) For the rest of our beloved teachers we will be changing it up a little.*********TK- Ms Z and Mrs Mammet******* K- Mrs McMains **************1st-Mrs Donovan********2nd- Mrs Her ******3rd- Ms Burgess ******4th- Mr Welch *******5th- Mrs Stevens ******6th- Mrs McClain *******7th/8th- Ms Zaro subjects: Science, Math, elective ****************7th/8th- Mrs Popoff subjects English, History, elective ...............We can't wait to see you all again on AUGUST 10, 2022 for the first day back to school 2022-2023. Check out the website for other updates, lunch menus, bus routes, etc. www.ejesd.net ***********************Bios from our Superintendent:**************************** Dear Elverta Families– Jun 21, 2022 I trust you are having a wonderful summer! We are working hard to prepare for the 2022-23 school year. To that end, we are excited to welcome 3 new teachers to the Elverta Joint Elementary School District family. Mrs. Gladys Donovan, 1st grade Teacher. Comes to us from Bell Avenue Elementary School. Teaches lessons to class with differentiated strategies to meet the individual needs of the students. Master and Bachelor degrees in Mechanical Engineering from UC Davis. Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from UC Davis. Associate Director, Lab Manager, Hyundai Center of Excellence, UC Davis Ms. Astrid Burgess, 3rd grade Teacher. Comes to us from the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Taught elementary education and has created a French Dual Language Program for elementary students. Taught English to students in Madagascar while she was in the Peace Corps. Earned a LAUSD Distinguished Teaching Award (2019). Bachelor degree is in Human Geography from McGill University, Montreal Quebec, Canada. Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with Bilingual Authorization for French & English. Ms. Catlynn Zaro, 7th/8th grade Math/Science (STEAM) Comes to us with 10 years as a classroom instructor from the Orland Joint Unified School District Social-Emotional Coach (SEL), grades 3-5, for the school district. Taught middle school courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math (STEAM). Master in Education and Bachelor in Anthropology degrees from Chico State University. Edtech Site Coach and Science Liaison for Orland Joint Unified School District. Children Exhibit Designer, Valene L. Smith Museum of Anthropology Part Time Heavy Equipment Operator/Assistant Manager, Rice Farming Please join us in welcoming our new teachers!............ Mr. Wells
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Annual Notification Statewide Testing Every year, California students take several statewide tests. When combined with other measures such as grades, class work, and teacher observations, these tests give families and teachers a more complete picture of their child’s learning. You can use the results to identify where your child is doing well and where they might need more support. Your child may be taking one or more of the following California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP), English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC), and Physical Fitness Test assessments. Pursuant to California Education Code Section 60615, parents/guardians may annually submit to the school a written request to excuse their child from any or all of the CAASPP assessments. This exemption does not exist for the ELPAC or Physical Fitness Test. CAASPP: Smarter Balanced Assessments for English Language Arts/Literacy (ELA) and Math Who takes these tests? Students in grades 3–8 and grade 11. What is the test format? The Smarter Balanced assessments are computer-based. Which standards are tested? The California Common Core State Standards. CAASPP: California Alternate Assessments (CAAs) for ELA and Math Who takes these tests? Students in grades 3–8 and grade 11 whose individualized education program (IEP) identifies the use of alternate assessments. What is the test format? The CAAs for ELA and math are computer-based tests that are administered one-on-one by a test examiner who is familiar with the student. Which standards are tested? The California Common Core State Standards through the Core Content Connectors. CAASPP: California Science Test (CAST) Who takes the test? Students take the CAST in grades 5 and 8 and once in high school, either in grade 10, 11, or 12. What is the test format? The CAST is computer-based. Which standards are tested? The California Next Generation Science Standards (CA NGSS). CAASPP: California Alternate Assessment (CAA) for Science Who takes the test? Students whose IEP identifies the use of an alternate assessment take the CAA for Science in grades 5 and 8 and once in high school, either in grade 10, 11, or 12. What is the test format? The CAA for Science is a series of four performance tasks that can be administered throughout the year as the content is taught. Which standards are tested? Alternate achievement standards derived from the CA NGSS. CAASPP: California Spanish Assessment (CSA) Who takes the test? The CSA is an optional test for students in grades 3–12 that tests their Spanish reading, listening, and writing mechanics. What is the test format? The CSA is computer-based. Which standards are tested? The California Common Core State Standards en Español. ELPAC Who takes the test? Students who have a home language survey that lists a language other than English will take the Initial test, which identifies students as an English learner student or as initially fluent in English. Students who are classified as English learner students will take the Summative ELPAC every year until they are reclassified as proficient in English. What is the test format? Both the Initial and Summative ELPAC are computer-based. Which standards are tested? The 2012 California English Language Development Standards. Alternate ELPAC Who takes the test? Students whose IEP identifies the use of an alternate assessment and who have a home language survey that lists a language other than English will take the Alternate Initial ELPAC, which identifies students as an English learner student or as initially fluent in English. Students who are classified as English learner students will take the Alternate Summative ELPAC every year until they are reclassified as proficient in English. What is the test format? Both the Alternate Initial and Alternate Summative ELPAC are computer-based. Which standards are tested? Alternate achievement standards derived from the 2012 California English Language Development Standards. Physical Fitness Test Who takes the test? Students in grades 5, 7, and 9 will take the FITNESSGRAM®, which is the test used in California. What is the test format? The test consists of five performance components: aerobic capacity, abdominal strength, trunk strength, upper body strength, and flexibility. Which standards are tested? The Healthy Fitness Zones, which are established through the FITNESSGRAM®.
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To the Elverta School District Families, As we commence the beginning of a new school year, it is with a high degree of excitement and anticipation that I begin this school year as your new Superintendent/Principal of the Elverta School District. This past school year was a challenge for everyone. Although I was leading another district at the time, I am well aware of the fantastic teamwork and cooperation that the Elverta staff, students, and families did in working together to power through the obstacles that were in front of us. In what I have learned in true Elverta fashion, the students, staff, and families rose to the challenge of the ever evolving guidelines and protocols of the pandemic to provide a safe environment and quality education for all students. Together everyone made adjustments, acted quickly, and provided instruction and learning no matter what the next hurdle presented. I am very fortunate to be a new member of a school and community that worked tirelessly and collaboratively to produce a learning environment that was safe and supportive for everyone. Moving forward, we look to provide expanded learning opportunities and academic support for all students to minimize the disruptive academic impact of this past year. The only thing we have lost is time. We will meet all students where they are academically and accelerate their learning as needed. Student learning is our top priority. We will focus on each student’s academic and socio-emotional needs by providing an environment that promotes growth, caring, and support in the critical areas of intellectual development. As we prepare for a new school year starting Wednesday, August 11th, our plan is to be fully open with in-person learning five days a week in our traditional full day schedule. At this time, all students and staff will be required by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to wear masks while inside the classrooms. As we know, the guidelines, mandates, and recommendations are ever evolving. In the weeks ahead, we will keep you updated on the changing landscape of protocols to start the school year. Rest assured that we will continue to monitor and advocate for the safety of our students and staff. We will be prepared to greet your children with smiles on the 1st day of school regardless of the circumstances. As I step into my new position, I am aware that I have big shoes to fill. I’d like to thank Dr. B for the 10 years of insightful leadership, guidance and instructional excellence that he provided the Elverta School District. His impact will forever be known and appreciated by all students, staff and within the community. Congratulations on a job well done Dr. B ! As we start the school year, please know that my door is always open for you. I encourage everyone to stop by if you have any concerns, questions or just want to say hello. Nothing is too big or too small, it is important that you are well informed and have access to me when needed. Please know your input is valued as we move forward to continue building a strong Elverta community of stakeholders that provides our students with a great place to grow. Enjoy the rest of your summer and stay safe. We look forward to seeing you on August 11th. Sincerely, Michael Wells Superintendent/Principal Elverta Joint Elementary School District
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We're thrilled to announce Elverta School District's new app! Access cafeteria menus, events, news updates, even emergency notifications. Download the app from your app store.
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